Roman 4WD Camping KING Single Self-inflating Foam Mattress with Pillow


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Roman s new innovative built-in inflatable pillow has been designed to be adjustable to suit your individual comfort. The foam is eggcrate style10cm convoluted mattress; which reduces pressure on the body which helps to prevent possible pressure sores. The cradle effect on your body gently relives pressure and provides an even distribution of added support. The convoluted surface also provides increased airflow and in turn stays dry and cool. The Self-inflatingmattress at 10cm thick has superior comfort compared to lighter trek mats. It is a great option for those that want more comfort than a thin trek self-inflating mat; but don’t want the bulk of a full airbed. It features a slip resistant velour top and a waterproof PVC base.Great 4×4 mat or for any camping needs. Bonded self-inflating mats are the most comfortable; insulating and compact-able bedding to take camping. Trekkers; hikers; motor cycle tourers and space conscious campers can enjoy the luxurious comfort these offer. Inside there is cell foam bonded to the outer shell. The foam has a memory; so when you unroll the mat and undo the valve the foam returns to it’s lofted state and sucks air in while it does so. You can then add a puff or two to suit the comfort you desire; then close the valve and have a restful nights sleep.

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